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Learn All About the New I-4 Express

I-4 Express is opening soon on Interstate 4 (I-4) from west of Kirkman Road (State Road 435) in Orange County to east of S.R. 434 in Seminole County. The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) began construction of I-4 Express in 2015 as part of the I-4 Ultimate Improvement Project.

I-4 Express spans 21-miles of the interstate providing drivers with travel choices, improving safety, enhancing mobility for all motorists, minimizing delays, and offering more predictable travel times.

I-4 Express is physically separated from non-tolled general use lanes by concrete barriers with limited access points. Drivers must pay a toll to travel on I-4 Express. Pricing for tolls is not a fixed rate and varies based on demand for access to the managed lanes. The toll amounts are displayed on overhead electronic signs before entering I-4 Express. Tolls are collected electronically with an active and properly mounted SunPass or other Florida-accepted transponder.

Access to and from I-4 Express is limited to seven entrances and eight exit points in each direction. The access points are selected to serve long-distance, regional trips and bypass congested areas. Advanced signage notifies drivers of upcoming entrance or exit points to and from I-4 Express. Use the online Trip Planner at to learn more about the new lanes and make informed decisions about your commute.

I-4 Express bolsters FDOT’s goal of enhancing safety and connectivity in Central Florida, while supporting the region’s economy and lifestyle long into the future.

I-4 managed lanes, known locally as I-4 Express, are now open. To learn more about planning a trip, tolling, or other frequently asked questions, visit our website at

I-4 Express has a limited number of entrance and exit points to help drivers bypass congestion. Visit our website and use the online tool to help you decide when and where to use I-4 Express based on your destination.

What is I-4 Express? I-4 Express offers motorists the option to bypass congestion along 21 miles of Interstate 4 in Orange and Seminole counties. Electronic tolling gives motorists the choice to pay to access I-4 Express when their time is worth more than the cost of the tolls.

I-4 Express access points are limited to improve traffic flow by reducing the number of vehicles entering and exiting the roadway. I-4 Express serves longer drives, freeing up capacity in the general use lanes for other motorists.

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